Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas 2008

Christmas this year was great! This is the annual running down the stairs picture to see what Santa brought us. He was good to us this year, we must of been really good kids.

Jake has been asking for this Jersey for years it seem like and finally I just decided to purchase it. The Hat too! I guess growing up with only sister I do not see all the excitement in getting a jersey, but he was thrilled. He got everything that he want this year, Rock band for the WII, Jersey, and ipod nano. He is such a great kid that I am very excited that he got everything and more!

Sadi is at that point in her life that she thinks that the unwrapping the gives is so cool. We would put a present in front of her and she would say "more for me, holy cow for me!" It was very cute. She received this easy bake oven from Grandma and Grandpa Carn and she loves it. We think that she got everything she wanted this year to, but are not sure because she was still changing her mind up until Christmas and even on Christmas morning she was tell me a different present idea and how she hoped that Santa would bring it. She got a school board like her big sister to pretend to teach school to her friends. Sadi we just love your smile and are glad that you are the baby of the family!

Sage was all smile this Christmas too! She has been wanting this DS for several months and Grandma and Grandpa Carn came through. She also wanted thinks to teach school with and Santa brought her a school board and some desks to have the student sit there and learn. She is a great kid. I am glad also that she got everything that she wanted. Christmas was great not only because of the great present but because of our family that we got to see. We love to see the Peacock's and Carn's every minute that we have and sometimes that is not enough. We hope that you all had a very Merry Christmas and that this New Year will bring blessing to all of our family and friends!
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These are all of our "CARN" cousins on Christmas eve. We had them over for some home made pizza, home made cookies for Santa and
we went out on our annual search for the best Christmas lights on a home. We love to have our cousins over!! It made Christmas eve pass by a lot faster so that we could go to sleep for Santa's visit.
We also went sledding. This is Sadi checking out the slope.

This is dad giving Sage and Sadi a giant push down the hill!
Jake trying to snow board down our sledding hill. He is pretty good at it!
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