Saturday, July 11, 2009

4th of july camping part 2

Sage by the camp fire snuggling with Dad so that she can get warm!!
Jake trying to get warm, but it is not to convincing in this picture!
Aunt Sharon holding Sadi at the camp fire. Sadi loved it!!
These two were the winners of the dirty kids!! Quin and Sadi playing in the dirt on the last day of camping. I am still washing the out her clothes, I am tempted to just toss them!
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July 4th camp out!

We love to go camping!! This year we were in Dairy canyon again with our tent again, oh how I wish that we had a tailer. One day when we are old I am sure that we will finally get one!! This is a walk that we took with our 22's to shot rodents!! Sadi does not like loud noises and was unsure about it to begin with but she ended up wanting to shot in the end. Sage on the other hand would like to have a gun of her very own so that she can shot with Dad when every she wants too!
Just fun pictures of my kids on the walk!!
Jake loves to camp and hunt so that is his type vacation.
Sadi likes to camp too, but as for the gross toilets and dirt she had to work her way into liking it!!
Sage is all about camping and shooting!! She is getting so old that she can remember camping and enjoys it too! I do not think that she love the dirt and I am OK with that, she used almost a whole package of wet ones while we were up camping for for 4 days.
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Finally a tooth is out!!

Sage is 7 years old and she tells me that everyone in her class at school has a tooth out but her. On June 30 her Dad got a hold of a very loose tooth and pulled it out. She told me that it did not hurt her very bad, but she was nervous about getting it pulled out.
This is her telling us what tooth was pulled (it is the only hole in her mouth, so it was funny that she had to point to it)
Just so that you can get a good look at the hole she opened her mouth. She received $2 for the tooth, man the tooth fairy gives out big buck on our first tooth!! I think that the rest of her teeth will be easier to pull out now that she know what to expect!!!
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