Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lodge Pole Camp ground

We love to go camping with our family. In August we usually go with Scot's family up to Lodge Pole camp ground but this year Jake was not feel so well so we just went up for a day visit. Her are just some of the smiles that had while we were there!!
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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sadi loves to swim!

Sadi took her first swimming lessons by herself and she loved it. She did so good for her age. She even dared to dunk her face in the water, but everytime she would do it she would go straight down and not get the top of her head wet. It was so funny. She even dared to jump off the diving board with a little help of another teacher who would lower her down and then her teacher would catch her without even her face getting wet.

Sadi age 3

This is our cousin Zach who took lessons with us.Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wephie lost her brain!!

First I must tell you I was listening to phone messages and Wephie had called to ask us if it was ok for her to go and see grandpa and grandma with us instead of staying at home. See earlier I had asked her is she was going to stay at home today (because I had to go up to my parents home in bountiful to help with sprinklers) and in case of an emergency I tell my kids to call her home. The conversation went like this
Sage: Wephie has lost her brain!
Mom: What did you just say?
Sage: Wephie has lost her brain!
Mom: Why do think that she has lost her brain?
Sage: Because she decided to go to grandpa and grandma home.
Mom: (think think think what is she saying in code???) Oh you mean Wephie has changed her mind, not lost her brain...
Sage:Yes that is what I mean!!