Friday, September 19, 2008

Sadi Lady

Our Sadi love to dress up and sing her little heart out while her brother and sister are at school and this time I capture her alone on camera. She truly is the queen of the home when her siblings are not home, but missing them greatly. She is a single child for 8 hours a day and plays it up as best she can. We go and get treats and drinks all the time at the gas station. I tell her that we need to not tell Sage and Jake that we are getting treats and everyday that we do, she sees the kids and lets them know of the what we did during the day. FYI do not let Sadi in on any secrets.....We love our little Queen!!!
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Berry Pickin

The kids and I went to a farm down in Springville to pick some berries. We picked some black berries and some rasberries. I have never pick berries before and I loved it. Jake eats as many berries if not more then we brought home. Sage and Sade loved it to be did not eat will picking.

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Utah State Fair Part 2

More State Fair photos!!

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We love the Utah State Fair. The crowds, food, big yellow slide, and the cracker-stacking contest. This year we did the slide 4 times. It was great fun, and although the girls look scared everytime we went down they would get to the bottom of the slide and yell again again. This year we also took second place in the cracker-stacking contest for Jake and Sage age. Sadi was not old enough but reeped the rewards of eating tons of treats that the Kebleer company give you for winning. The girls also rode some horses and with smiles on there faces told me that they would like to have a horse as a pet. Sadi horse name was slow Joe and can not quit taking about slow joe. They way she says it makes me laugh. Sage horse was named Soda and she thought that it should of had a real name like diet pepsi or diet coke not Soda. (I wonder what we drink at our home???)
I was fun and we are looking forward to next year.

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Monday, September 1, 2008

San Diego Part 2

For some unknown reason these pictures did not blog I am sure it is not the users fault. While we were there we purchase some fish to feed the dolphines. Scot, Jake and Sage got to touch them but Sadi told me that she did not want to touch those big fish because "They will bite me" She did stand next to Scot the whole time and viewed them from the ground.
The family picture. It is so funny to me that when you are in California at one of the parks there are so many polite people who offer to take your picture, but when you are in the parking lot they are mean wild eating machines that want the best spot there is and will hurt you if you get in the way. The attitude in the park thank goodness is a different story.
This is the sting ray pond, that even Sadi decided to touch. When she finally decided to touch one she took her hand out of the water so fast that she nearly jump out of my arms and to the ground. Sage was not sure that she wanted to touch one either, but she got up enough nerves to do so and all the girls decided that they were just slimy soft creature that not everyone need to touch. If you ask Sadi about it she will tell you she touch the wing of a sting ray.
Shamu rocks was the best show to end with. It truly did rock!! Afterwards there were fireworks and it was great. Fun times in San Diego!!!!
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San Diego

This weekend the flight were very avaiable for us to take a quick trip to San Diego. The kids have never been there and to so we decided to go. We quickly rented a car and hotel Thursday night and off to San Diego on Friday. We had so much fun. When we got off the plane we quickly got our car and off to Sea World we went. We decided to purchase the two day pass and we were very glad that we did. The kids loved it and we have decided that it would be a fun vacation to do again some day.

This is Sage and Sadi while we were getting the car.

Scot, Sage and Jake on Atlantis getting soaked!!
Sadi was to short but kept telling me that when she grows up she would really like to ride.
This is the family in front of Atlantis already soaked!!
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