Sunday, March 29, 2009

St George

After Zions we went to St George and stayed for a couple of days. We swam at the pool and boy do we like to swim!! This is Scot and the girls in the sun.
Jake, and his dorky hair. Apparently this hair did not like the swimming pool. He is going to be embrassed that I post this but hey it is Jake in the pool having some fun!!
Sage is getting to be such a great swimmer. She learned how to float on her back in just a couple of minutes. This is her doing the back float!!
Sadi decided that to get her face dunked was great fun. She did not even have to plug her nose. She keeped asking daddy to dunk her and this was the after picture of her coming up for air. She is not afraid of the water any more!!
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My kids are just fun!!

My kids are just fun kids!! I enjoy every moment that we are together as a family and the times are just getting betters and more fun everyday. This is the picture that I took just as we were about to leave Zions park and my kids were just a giggling. I know that I am being very partial but they are just so dang cute!! All three of them, not one that stand out of the rest, I was allowed three beautiful kids to have as my very own, I guess that I can share them with Scot but they are ours!! We are very proud parents!!
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We went to Zions this weekend!! It was a great time. We went with Jessica my sister and stay in her mother-in-laws condo. I love when we do not plan the vacation and just go, because that way there is no expection to be met. This is the family as you get into the park. We took the first pull off in the park and started to take some pictures.
Because we had a newborn with us we did some time to just stroll through the park. When Gracie had to eat we all just pulled over and took more picture. It was a beautiful day there and we had tons of fun.
We did take a hike up Emerald Pools. It was 1.6 mile hike to the top fall and Sadi my three your old did the whole thing by herself. We did not take it very fast just a three years old pace and had a blast. Some this when you go at that pace you relize how beautiful everything is. This is the kids on the rock on our way up to the first pool! As you can see Gracie is in the picture with the help of her mom, Jessica.

More pictures of the kids on the way up to the upper pool!!
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St Patricks Day!!

I take advantage of every hoilday that I get with my kids. I am not sure if you all know that but if you have a clean house on St Patty's day the Leprechauns come in and mess everything up. This year the house was clean but I had to work late Monday into Tuesday night and the
Leprechauns did not mess our house up to bad. I think that I must of keep them away since they heard my voice taking on the phone most of the night. They did take all of the lose pillows off of the beds and coaches and place them into a pathway through out the house and put Rolos on them.

They not only did the upstairs pillows they did the downstairs pillows.

They also put our chairs the opposite direction of the table. Next year I vow to make sure that our house is a mess so that those pesky little Leprechauns
will stay away!!
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Sadi Bestest Friends!!

I just thought that it would be fun to take some picture of some of
Sadi friends. Too Sadi if you ask her about her friends she tell you, She/he is my bestest friend mom, I love he/Her!! This is Madi our cousin and Izabel our friend from down the street. They come over to play dress ups and we painted their nails too! I had fun with the playtime too!
Madi, Sadi, and Izabel with smilies!!

This is Noah, he is our friend from across the street. He come over tons and plays so nicely with Sadi. For a while they could not agree with what to play. Noah wanted to play pirates and Sadi wanted to play house. Now they agree to not agree and play Pirate house. It works great!!

I take alot of picture of these too, and most of the time with is how Noah feels about playing house and getting his picture taken. A typical boy whom did not get his pirate way today.
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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Way to Go!!

Jake was just awarded student of the month!! If you look close on this board you can see his picture on third row far left corner!

He is such a cute kid! He was deserving of this award since the day he started school. He is a good kid, cute, and smart. He is loving big brother and the ideal son and first child. We love you Jake!
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