Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter on the it was too cold

The Peacock family has a tradition of rolling Easter eggs on the Desert. This year it was snowing and we decided to have Easter Saturday in a school gym. It was fun, my kids loved it. We did miss all the hiking of the desert but having all your cousins to play with was great. This is Sage and Quin rolling on some carts.
Jake and a lot of the guys decided to play some basketball. As you can see in the back ground Scot is cherry picking;) .
These carts were great entertainment for all the kids!
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Easter 2009

This year we went to Orangeville for Easter. We colored our eggs at Aunt Jan's home. It is always fun to color eggs with other cousins. This is Jake and Sage in the middle of coloring eggs
This is Sadi, as you can see she really got into coloring the eggs, and no I did not change the coloring of this picture!
Sadi posing with her eggs.
The morning of Easter with one of our Favorite Cousins JD
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At last it is baseball season again. We have decided to move Jake to our city league, Herriman.
Jake is again the catcher, and he is good at it.
Just another fun picture of Jake in his opening game of the season!
Did I tell you how handsome he is!
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