Tuesday, January 29, 2008


We are so excited that our Aunt Wephie is teaching us violin lessons. Sage asked for a violin from Santa but he did not pull through with the gift, but thank heavens we have such great grandparents that purchase a violin for her instead. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Carn!! When we opened the gift aunt Wephie tuned it for us and asked Sage if she could be her violin teacher is which she reply "No I think that we will get another teacher" Sorry Aunt Wephie I think that she had no idea that you were so good at violin. We started our first violin lesson Monday Jan 28 2008. We have faithfully been practicing ever since Christmas and now that we have had our first lesson we are pros. Sadi did not get a violin for Christmas because she is to young to start but has been asking for one since we got Sage's and it is not anyone it needs to be a purple one. Holy Cow do they even make purple ones??? So in it place we have a fisher price violin. Sage started to practice hers and put Rosin on the bow and Sadi had to put Rosin on her bow also. Sage is amazed how well Sadi violin can play and told me that she hope that she can play as good as Sadi violin one day. You can Sage just give it time.
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Sunday, January 27, 2008

The peacock have a family goal this year, we are going to memorize the 13 articles of faith. We already have the first one down, and are going to start every family home evening by repeating them all. To make sure that our kids have it down I decided to have them each repeat the first one on their own. Jake wanted to go first and did it great, then we had Daddy say it and then Sage and then myself. We started on the second article of faith and out came a loud cry from Sadi. I made every stop reciting it so that I could get control of Sadi's crying. When I asked her what was wrong she stated " I want to say we believe." I have to remember that even though she is only 2 years old she gets to have a turn too. I am so sorry, I thought that she was just sitting there not listening to the words, when if fact she to almost has it memorized. She is smart for her age!!