Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Colors colors which egg should be which color?

We had just arrived home from Disneyland and the thought was to get home and jump in the car and head down to Orangeville for Easter like we have done since we have been married. Well all things are allowed to change especially if it is your 2 year screaming that she wants to go home from the airport all the way home and then when she step into our home she did the we are finally home dance. We thought hard about just going the next morning early but it was in our best interest to just stay at home and enjoy being at home. We did go to the Herriman egg hunt on Saturday morning. We had heard it starts on time and not to be late or there are no eggs left. But when we got there 5 minutes early they were just turning on the microphone and the kids thought that the noise was the start signal and off went the kids, but not mine we were not close enough to the fields. Within seconds all the filled eggs and candy were gone and our basket were still very bare. We decided to go home and color our eggs, which took forever because we are so crafty and had to dip each egg into every color. Sadi decided to take the quick route and just dip her fingers in the dye also. She did not change color either she just stuck with green. That evening we were still pooped and went to bed hoping that the bunny would find us in our home and not in Orangeville. We were very pleased when we woke up the next morning and he had delivered it to the correct address. Candy Candy Candy was the theme of our Easter baskets. We got some books and swimming goggles too!! We had a great Easter and we are glad to be back at home!!

Secrets are kept secrets!!

I can remember Jake loved to tell me secrets in my mouth and Sage told me secrets by holding my cheek so that my head would not turn, and I could always understand their secrets, but Sadi has a very different way for telling secrets. She cups her ear to your ear and then whispers so quietly that she only knows her secrets. It is funny to see and I took some pictures. Secrets are meant to be kept secrets and no one will every know hers!!

Where dreams come true!!

We love Disneyland even more then ever. We went there on a 5 day pass and enjoyed it this time instead of rushing through it. The first day there it was not crowded but as the days passed more and more people enjoyed there vacation time at the same time as we did. We were able to go with Jessica this year and she had not been since we went in high school, so we to enjoyed watching her children have the special magic. As soon as we walked into Disneyland this year we were able to see Mickey and get his Autograph first and out of the way. Prior to going I had ask all of the child which characters we needed to get to make their trip the best. Sage had to get Cinderellas, Sadi Bell, and sad to say Jake told me to just let him ride the screamin 100 time and that would be great. I then told him that I would not need to get him an autograph book, and then later that day he asked if there was a chance that he could maybe get a book just in case. We did succeed in getting tons of autographs even one that meant most to the girls although we had to stand in lines for hours to get in we did it several times. Scot, Sage, and Jake, favorite rides were the screamin and tower of terror (even though Sage cried again she loved it) As for Sadi she hated everything that was dark including the bug's life movie and the 3-D you shrunk the audience movie. She loved the bugs life lady bug spin and held up her hand the whole time on Hymlic ride. She wanted a treat at every corner and dad took pitty on her since she did not get to ride the big rides and had wait for the kids to get on and off the big rides. I on the other had just love being on vacation. The excitment on our children faces every day when they would get up in the morning and the excitment of the rides thrilled me. Scot and I had smiles coming at us around every corner. We also were able to go to the beach a couple of days, but it was so cold that I did not pack my children swimming suits, so that just got their legs wet, but hey an accidental falling in was sure to happen at every beach and it did, Sage took the plug every time poor girl and she was smiles and giggle still today about it.