Sunday, April 29, 2007

There all mine for eternity

What do you say to brides that stop to tell you how beautiful your children are? They should be paying attention to their photographers but instead here come my children and they look just beautiful. We were not only stopped my brides but everyone who we walked by commented on my children. Of course Scot and I were just beaming!! We know that our children are beautiful but it never hurt to hear it from strangers. The Wedding itself was just a great reminder of us being sealed for time and all eternity. I think that Scot and I took more from the ceremony then the Bride and Groom did. It was just exciting day for the Peacock children to see in the spring the Temple that their parents were sealed at. Sage kept telling me that she is excited to dress up like a Princess one day and come to the temple to get married. She keep asking Jake if he would play "be married at the temple with her." Oh course Jake reply was typical for a 8 year old "Yuck Sage you do not play married with your sister." I would not change one thing with my perfect little angels!! Many people joke about "hey do you want my kids, I don't." I will never say that, I would not give them to you for all the money or materials in the world, they are mine for eternity and I could never be more proud.
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My girls!!!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tender little ears with a great big heart!!

Jake had a baseball game tonight and they lost by one point. It was hard to lose because we were victorious on the last game by one point!! When you are on the losing side it hits you hard, even more so when you think it is your fault. As a mom I yell from the bleachers and I yell loud, I have got some good lungs on me. I always think that Jake can not hear me because he has his catchers helmet on. I see where I think that he can do it all by himself and I do not understand the rules of the game. So I yelled to run the ball across the plate and tag the player by himself instead of the pitcher coming in ever so slowly like they have been to assist Jake when the ball is fouled and the player on third base is sneaking home. Jake heard ever word that I yelled and came up to Scot after the game was finished and told him that it was all his fault. Scot look down and could see him start to cry and asked Jake what he was taking about. Jake so sadly stated "I should of gotten the players out when mom yell to get them out. It was all my fault." Scot pulled him aside and told that Mom was just yelling, that she did not know what she is talking about. The rules tell you to throw it to the pitcher who should be coming in to assist you during a foul in the game. Scot told him how great he played and that them losing had nothing to do with Jake way of playing the ball. He throw excellently and caught great, and most proudly he had one of the best hit of the game. It flew over second base and he brought three player home and also he stoled second, third and proudly home. I just need to remember and know that Jake little ears are so tender and he hears me when I am anxiously yelling things that do not always make sense. He looks up to me and wants to always do his best for my sake. I can not tell you of what a great kid I have. I could of not asked for a betters first child, son, and someone that our daughters look up to. He sets such a great example for not only his sisters, but for me and his Dad. He is intelligent, has great common sense and he is a handsome guys who is already stealing young girls hearts. He smiles and I just melt as a mother. Jake I love you and am so proud of all your accomplishments. I could not of ask for anything better for my first child, you have paved a path for your sibling to follow and it is a great path, I am just proud to be your mother.


Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sad days for mom...Happy for Sage

Today was kindergarten orientation, which means my little Sage is growing up. I had to hold back the tears because all she could do was be excited that she will get to go to school and bring home homework like Jake. She had picked out her outfit days ago and then woke up early to ask me "When is it time for me to go to school Mom?" To which I replied "after Lunch."....Then we ate breakfast and the same question came, "When am I going to go to school", to which I replied "after lunch." And can you believe it came up again, not just once every time she had to chance to think for a couple of minutes "When am I going to school Mom?" to which I replied "Never because you are my little girl and I can teach you everything, you do not want to go to school because I will not have any fun without you at home and Sadi will miss you also". "But Mom she replied I am growing up and I need to go and have fun at school, and be like Jake and have homework. You can play with Sadi all day long." Oh how I miss her already and school has not started. The years flew by to quickly and I can not believe that my Sage is in kindergarten. I know to many people, who want their children to go to school so that they can have peace at home, and I do not want my children to go. I love them so much when they are around, I wish that I could have them near me 24/7 so that I do not miss anything that they do, and guard them from the nasty people out there in the world. I know it is best that she goes to kindergarten but I will truly miss the talks that we have every second of the day, and I mean that every second of the day there is a great story that she is telling me. Or she is telling me everything that she has done wrong or right she lets me know it. It will be quiet at my home until Sadi figure out how to put full sentence together. I Love You Sage!!

Whos going to do it?

I am in the middle of working up stair right now, doing some overtime, and all I can hear downstairs in arguing. As I listen a little closer to what the yelling is about all I can hear is my two oldest yell "No it is not my turn" and the other yelling back "I am not going to do it." They are just not talking, they are the point the neighbor can hear our conversation, and then Jake yelled "I am not going to whip it" and Sage yells back "Those are huge burgers I am not whipping it either." The yelling continued on for another minute until Jake whipped it and apparently did not get all the snot and Sage had to clean up the rest of Sadi's face. I am so glad that we have Sadi so that Jake and Sage will have thing to argue about!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Tears or Fears

I was not sure what to think when the friend, (who you think is a friend,) tells you that he will treat your son as if he was his own, and will make sure that he gets on the same baseball team with him and then he does not succeed. Last night March 10, we got a call from our friend who told us the bad news and then proceed to let us know that he took the roster over the coach that picked him up and told the coach to pick anyone from the team so that he could have Jake and the other coach told him no. I as a mother thought the ball is in my court and I can ok the trade or even deny the trade. But when I talked with my 8 year old son Jake, the ball had left my court and was in his court only and he wanted to play with friends. He loves baseball and he is good, but when it comes to the choice of playing with friends who play ball or meeting new friends and playing ball with a good team, his friends win. I am not sure if he was just fearing to make new friends which he is well liked, and making new friends comes easily or if he just wanted to stick with his comfort zone. The coach who originally picked him was on the winning end of the teams, he placed first last year and has been watching Jake for the last 2 years waiting to pick him up. Jake and Scot had even decided to play horrible during tryout and still the coach was watching and knew that we had Jake mess up the tryouts to get on a friends team. Jake was so sad that I had to told him that the other coach had picked him up.....He would rather lose and have fun with his friends, then win and not have his good friends play with him at all!!!

A piece of Heaven

I just know and for goodness sakes, have always known that a little piece of Heaven is in my presents. Today when I was in Primary sitting with my class it was singing time and we were about to start a song "I am trying to be like Jesus". This is a pretty song and all, but when some beautiful blue eyes started looking at me I could see my Sage excited about the song that we were about to sing. See Aunt Wephie (or some of you know her by Stephanie) taught us how to sign the chorus of this song. You could see the the excitement start to crawl into her fingers as she got them ready for the first word to sign which was Love. That is when it hit me for the trillionth time in my life of what a precious child that I have been given to watch over and take care of. I could not believe that I was crying over such a funny little thing such as signing a song, but sometimes my emotions just get so full that just the little things hit me and the tears come to the surface. I watched her with tears in my eyes as she signed the song. Then my Sage proceed to give me a thumbs up to let me know that she got through the song signing it. Thanks Aunt Wephie for teaching us how to sign!!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

A bookmark fit for a Giant!

I remember when doing book report that you would read and book and then do the report about the book, just on a regular 8x10 paper. Well just to let you know now a days you do not do just a book report. Jake has now done a shadow box, a advent boxes, and then today the dreaded book mark. I am not sure exactly how to get enough information about the book that was read, into the size of a book mark, so we just super sized the book mark.
It is now the biggest book mark I have ever seen. Jake folded a 12x12 paper in half and VOILA it is now a book mark. Holy cow it is a book mark for a giants books. He also gets to dress up like the person that the book was about. It is baseball season and who other to do a book report on then the BABE. He is excited to be take his bat, gloves and also his catcher mask to switch between them and tell his class mates all about BABE

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Nail Biting times!!

I alway knew that my mother was nervous when we tried out for everything. I knew that she just wanted the best for us in all that we did and are still doing. But never in my wildest dream did I know that axienty would play such a huge roll. Jake is 8 years old and we have decided to play him up to miner is baseball this year. You are not suppose to be in miners until you are 9. He missed the cut off date just barely, and Scot decided that it was be alot more fun if he could keep playing with his friends that he goes to school with. So yesterday we went to purchase him a catchers glove and a new catchers helmet and then axienty kick in. What happens if they play him in the field and what happens if they do not play him at all!! This is all just speculation. He is such a excellent player, and that is not just my thinking!! I have heard this from alot of our friend and family too! I sure he would be fine but man oh man is my stomach turning and it is not even try outs yet. I just hope that he gets a coach that know what a great player he is.

Friday, March 9, 2007

C-T-Right not the Left!!

While getting Sage dressed one morning she was commenting on a lesson that she had been given in church. "Mom I like to Choose the Right it make me happy." said Sage. Being the proud mother that I am I commented "Sage I am so glad that you love to choose the right that makes me happy." Sage talk a little longer on how she love to choose the right and how it made Jesus and Heavenly Father happy. Then came the burst to my good mommy teaching the right things bubble. Sage stated "I am glad that I choose the right mom because a lot of my friend choose the left. (and while raising her left hand) Aspen and Becca (Sage friends) like to choose the left mom and I do not know why because you are suppose to choose the right! Needless to say Sage and Mom had a good conversation the rest of the day on how to Choose the Right and not the WRONG!!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007