Sunday, December 7, 2008

Monday, December 1, 2008

Feliz Navidad

Sadi (3 years old) and I were couponing today,
and on the way home the song Feliz Navidad came on the radio. She was just singing along with it as if she knew all the words, very loudly too. I listen a little closer to what she was singing when the words Feliz Navidad were being sung, I said what are you saying? Sadi told me "The song is singing Please love my dad oh please love my dad." I laughed the whole way home.
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How do you cook a Turkey?

Sage is in first grade this year and her teacher asked them to answer this question; How do you cook a Turkey? Her answer; Buy a Turkey at the store, bring it home, take Turkey out of the bag and put it in the pan. Put Turkey in the oven for 40 minutes at 50 Degrees, take out of the oven, cut it up into Medium pieces serve it on a platter and eat it.

I think that I have taught her well for being in first grade. She knew to serve it on a platter! (mommy moment) I am so proud of all the details that she went into. Sage is very observant, and I need to make sure that I continue to do everything to the best of my abilities so that she will grew be better then Martha Stewart
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Decorating the Christmas Tree 2008

"I don't want to hang everything on the bottom Mom" said Sadi so Dad lifted her up until she found the best spot to put an ornament.
It was Jake this year to hang the angel on the top of the tree. If you look closely you can see Scot hand helping him balance it.

Sage was very particular to as to where she place the ornament. It is very odd on how opinionated my girl are. They like it their way or no way. I am sure that they got that from me, but then I am going to place blame on my father, I learned it from him. I love you Dad!!
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Hanging up the lights

While I was on a ladder in a tree hanging up the Christmas lights, and since it is still so warm here in Utah, Scot decided to clean up the leaves and let the kids play in them. It was very fun for them.
Jake decided to cover up his sister with leaves and they did not move for about 30 minutes. It was fun to have the kids play so nice together, they have always gotten along great but to hear what they have to say to each other in conversation is fun. They all have their own opinions of what to do with the leaves, but in the end they agreed to have Jake cover them up.
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The losers of the game
Sorry Sage and Jake maybe next time you will listen to your mother on the correct colors to wear.
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Utah vs BYU

We are a split family when it comes to the BYU or Utah.
Both Scot and myself graduated from Utah but he always grew up loving BYU,
and wanted to attend there after going to Ricks. So needless to say on the game day,
I dress everone in the family who will let me still dress them of the WINNING team, and the rest are on their own.
This year Sage and Jake really wanted to go to school the friday before the game where their colors.
Scot and I had to have a talk to make sure that if they were sent home because of their crazy hair that we would be OK with the out come of the principle maybe calling us and kicking them out.
It never did come to that, they stayed the whole day at school and a lot of the kids wanted or wished that they would of dress up for the football game also.
Sadi in here winning colors and looking like a cool chick.
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Monday, November 17, 2008

We had my side of the family over for some dinner just before we went out to trick or trear and I just wanted everyone to see the cool costume that my sisters have made their kids!!
Zach was a killer whale, Jake and Chase were both Grim Reaper, Sage was a butterfly, Sadi was a white cat, Madi was a mermaid, and Maya was a pearl in the ostyer.
The girls, Sage, Sadi and Madi!! You can see Chase in the background!
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Halloween 2008

This year Halloween was so warm that Sadi after wearing this costume for several hours asked if she could go home and take it off. I do not remember ever having such a warm Halloween. Sadi this year was a white Cat and she loved her costume. Sage this year wanted to be a Butterfly and it did not turn out quite the way that she had hoped but I liked it. And Jake was the Grim Reaper. He also loved his costume and it was the quickest costume that I have ever made. I had no pattern and just started to pin and put this costume together is less then 2 hours, compared to Sage costume that took days to figure out. I think that if I had a pattern it would of taken less time but the costume pattern was all in Sage and my head and it did not come together as smoothly as I had hoped!!

This is the kids all in the costume visiting Grandpa and Grandma Peacock's home!
Sage in her Butterfly costume!
This if you can picture him is Jake.
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Boo did we scare you?

Sadi and Madi, cousins just having a ton of fun. I think the conversation went like this
Madi; Mom can I paint your face with the Halloween make-up?
Jess; Sure lets call Aunt Jenn and see if Sadi wants to play too!!
Jenn; Sure Sadi would love to play come to my house and let them play!
Sadi; Mom, Madi brought some Halloween make-up can I put some on?
Jenn; Yes but just a little bite!!

I do not think this is a little bite! Jess and I heard them just giggling in the bathroom and when they came out they looked like this and can I tell you that my bathroom did not look this good. We took some fun pictures and then threw them in the tub, and then they giggles at how black the water was when they got out. I should of taken a picture of my tub and the black rings that they left in it.
It was to much fun to stop and took forever to clean up, aren't memories made this way?
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Friday, October 24, 2008

Just the right size of Pumpkins

We love to go and pick out our pumpkins from the pumpkin You pick patch. This year it was extremely warm and the Pumpkins were perfect. There were so many of them we had a hard time picking out just the right pumpkin. This is Sadi go crazy over all the pumpkins.
Sage wanted a perfectly round pumpkin and would like it to be bigger then Jakes!! I think she found it and sat there scoping out other just in case it was not the right one.
Sadi on the other hand remembered the wheel barrow from last year and had Daddy drive her around until she saw a good one and then she would point to it. Scot would pick it up and put it into it next to her and take out the one she did not want. She has Daddy wrapped around her little finger!!
Jake ran around the whole field until he came upon the Great pumpkin and then he started to make a perfect pile and then pick from there. Jake and Sage in the end had about the same size of pumpkin and Sadi was the winner of the large pumpkin. We can not wait to carve them.
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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

More football pictures!!

Texas Stadium last year of life.

Tale gaters or is it Tail gater either way they were fun to watch on our entrance in the stadium

Fun Football in the sun!!
We made the kick off, just in time!!
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Dallas Cowboys fans!!

I know that my husband was in Heaven when he met me, I thought that I was the only thing that he could get getty over, but I have been proven wrong. Scot and I had the opportunity to go to the game with our only son Jake and boy oh boy was Scot and Jake in heaven. I thought that Christmas had come in the summer. Scot was so excited to go and see his team play. We got to the stadium parking area 3 hours early thank goodness because it took us that long to get to the pay parking lot. Really I have never since such horrible parking in my life and it cost us $30 to just park a half mile away. After we parked we had 20 minute to enter into the stadium and get a seat. Scot has never walked so dang fast. Jake and I were having problem just keeping. Thank goodness my girls did not come. We made it there just in time for kick off and the heat.

This is the boys getting their gift from the last year of the Texas Stadium.

If you enlarge this picture you can see the boys are miserable from the heat but nothing will let there happiness fade for they are at a real FOOTBALL GAME!!
I decided to go down to the front of the stadium and be a mom and take pictures of how close were were from the front. We truly had excellent seats but it was so so hot I have never been that hot before in my life. Did I mention that it was hot. We had fun and next time we go according to Jake it is his turn and see his team the New England Patriots!!
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Smiles in Houston!!!

We were all smiles in Houston!!
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