Friday, October 24, 2008

Just the right size of Pumpkins

We love to go and pick out our pumpkins from the pumpkin You pick patch. This year it was extremely warm and the Pumpkins were perfect. There were so many of them we had a hard time picking out just the right pumpkin. This is Sadi go crazy over all the pumpkins.
Sage wanted a perfectly round pumpkin and would like it to be bigger then Jakes!! I think she found it and sat there scoping out other just in case it was not the right one.
Sadi on the other hand remembered the wheel barrow from last year and had Daddy drive her around until she saw a good one and then she would point to it. Scot would pick it up and put it into it next to her and take out the one she did not want. She has Daddy wrapped around her little finger!!
Jake ran around the whole field until he came upon the Great pumpkin and then he started to make a perfect pile and then pick from there. Jake and Sage in the end had about the same size of pumpkin and Sadi was the winner of the large pumpkin. We can not wait to carve them.
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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

More football pictures!!

Texas Stadium last year of life.

Tale gaters or is it Tail gater either way they were fun to watch on our entrance in the stadium

Fun Football in the sun!!
We made the kick off, just in time!!
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Dallas Cowboys fans!!

I know that my husband was in Heaven when he met me, I thought that I was the only thing that he could get getty over, but I have been proven wrong. Scot and I had the opportunity to go to the game with our only son Jake and boy oh boy was Scot and Jake in heaven. I thought that Christmas had come in the summer. Scot was so excited to go and see his team play. We got to the stadium parking area 3 hours early thank goodness because it took us that long to get to the pay parking lot. Really I have never since such horrible parking in my life and it cost us $30 to just park a half mile away. After we parked we had 20 minute to enter into the stadium and get a seat. Scot has never walked so dang fast. Jake and I were having problem just keeping. Thank goodness my girls did not come. We made it there just in time for kick off and the heat.

This is the boys getting their gift from the last year of the Texas Stadium.

If you enlarge this picture you can see the boys are miserable from the heat but nothing will let there happiness fade for they are at a real FOOTBALL GAME!!
I decided to go down to the front of the stadium and be a mom and take pictures of how close were were from the front. We truly had excellent seats but it was so so hot I have never been that hot before in my life. Did I mention that it was hot. We had fun and next time we go according to Jake it is his turn and see his team the New England Patriots!!
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Smiles in Houston!!!

We were all smiles in Houston!!
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Swimming with the Alligator?

While in Houston my Dad took us out on the boat, He just had his Knee replaced 10 days earlier so he was being a trooper for hopping in his huge boat.

This is the boat Wow is what I have to say. My kids have to take a picture for reflections of a Wow and this is Jake picture that he took. So to say my father had to hop in the boat we not true he had to climb a ladder to enter into the boat.
We were pulled by his boat in a tube and that was really fun. My kids could would of stayed there all 4 days if we would of let them.
Sadi thinks that she needs to lift up her arms like she was on a roller coaster "like the big kids" is what she keeps telling me. She also did this on the airplane during landing and take off. After we got off the boat my mother decided to inform the kids that they were swimming with Alligators. I am glad that she told me after we got out or the kids and I would of never gotten in to the water. She told me that they stay on the swamp side of the lake and that she has never seen them but has only heard about them being there and it has not stop her from going in.
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Houston the Peacocks have landed

We had a great opportunity to fly to Houston this weekend to visit with my parents. We had to go the long way for the free plane ride but we did not complain. We had to fly from Salt Lake City to New York to Houston. After traveling over 19 states and 1 country (Jake counted on the route map that you can watch while you fly) we landed in Houston. After fixing a fence for my parents we got to go and play. We went to the space station and loved it.
This is inside one of the pretend modules!

Jake, Sage, and Sadi by the big rocket. One funny thing that happened while still touring, Grandma purchase my children Allien soda cups to drink out of, and while a speakers was telling us about different missions Sadi oh so loudly commented on how the Allien had Boobs. So just to let you know Allien are girls.

My family in front of the space station. We were able to view mission comtrol for the Apollo Missions. We got to see real rocket boosters, and Mock-ups of the space shuttle and the international space station. We had tons of fun thank for taking us there Mom!!
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