Wednesday, October 7, 2009

When I grow up...

While I was working in the office for 2 weeks my parents had the great opportunity of watching my children. They not only got to watch them they had to go on field trips with them. Sage field trip was a walking field trip to a local pond and then they fished and walked in the woods. While on her walk Sage and Grandma had a group of kids that they were in charge of. Sage being such a great helper told one of her fellow class mates to tie his shoe, the conversation go like this: "Tie your shoe Nash" said Sage "Tie your shoe you might trip .....Tie your shoe.....Tie your shoe." That did not get her anywhere, when the teacher caught up with the group Mrs. Mccarty pulled Nash a side and told him "tie your shoe," Sage exclaimed "I have been telling him that for several minutes you know and he did not listen to me but you know I can tell him that because one day I am going to be a mom!!!!"

Saturday, September 26, 2009


This year Jake is playing football again and we decided to support him by having the girls wear his old jerseys. When he first saw the girls he was unsure if it was a cool thing, but then he saw other kids wearing their brothers jersey and I think that he is ok with it now. This is Sage and Sadi proudly wearing his jerseys and then we painted an R on their cheeks and #46 for Jake number this year!
Jake before the game. He was smiling proudly and I told him to look tough and this is his tough look!
Jake is in the middle of the screen #46 going to help tackle the kid with the ball.
Jake made an excellent tackle, he tackled one of the Bingham kids, and that is real cool if you are from Riverton!! This is a picture of him making that tackle. This game they won 34-0. Go Riverton!!!
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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

crazy hair day

Today was CRAZY hair day!!! We had to start this CRAZY process at 6am sharp so that we could look CRAZY before mom had to leave for work!! (I have an upgrade at work this week and next so my parents are taking the kids to school and watching Sadi during the day. Thanks again Mom and Dad!!)

This is Jake pre-hat, it was also CRAZY hat day and CRAZY sock day to. We did wear mismatched socks too but they were not as fun to take pictures of. We had to put elastics in his hair and thank goodness he is not a girl because he almost cried while I did his hair. It was fun and exciting to have him feel what a girl goes through everyday to look cute!

This is both of the kids with their CRAZY hair. I think that we had the CRAZIEST hair in school!

For Sage hair poor girl we had to wake her up at 6am to start the process and it took almost an hour of putting pipe cleaners in her hair and braiding it. Then I had to leave and Grandma and Grandpa put the color in the kids hair. They went wild with the colors using all three colors in their hair Red, Green, and Orange. Jake is colorblind and keep asking Grandma to put more in his hair until she told him it was plenty.

Sage not only wanted her hair to stand up with wire she also thought that it would be funny to place a mouse inside the cage. (On the top of her head) Grandma and Sage looked everywhere and could not find a mouse so she had to just have CRAZY hair.

When the school day was over I had them come home and jump in the shower as to not get the color over our entire home. First we had to take out the wires and elastic which took one hour, holy moly way to long to get one child's hair undone so that she could hop in the shower. Sage went first into the shower and yelled help and so in I came to see colors all over the shower and her hair still also full of color. After the THIRD time of mom shampooing it we were finally able to condition and hop out of the shower. Knowing how hard it was to get out of Sage hair, I made Jake come to the kitchen to help him start the shampooing process. I did it twice in the kitchen and he did it the third time in the shower. We had a fun day though!!!
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Saturday, July 11, 2009

4th of july camping part 2

Sage by the camp fire snuggling with Dad so that she can get warm!!
Jake trying to get warm, but it is not to convincing in this picture!
Aunt Sharon holding Sadi at the camp fire. Sadi loved it!!
These two were the winners of the dirty kids!! Quin and Sadi playing in the dirt on the last day of camping. I am still washing the out her clothes, I am tempted to just toss them!
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July 4th camp out!

We love to go camping!! This year we were in Dairy canyon again with our tent again, oh how I wish that we had a tailer. One day when we are old I am sure that we will finally get one!! This is a walk that we took with our 22's to shot rodents!! Sadi does not like loud noises and was unsure about it to begin with but she ended up wanting to shot in the end. Sage on the other hand would like to have a gun of her very own so that she can shot with Dad when every she wants too!
Just fun pictures of my kids on the walk!!
Jake loves to camp and hunt so that is his type vacation.
Sadi likes to camp too, but as for the gross toilets and dirt she had to work her way into liking it!!
Sage is all about camping and shooting!! She is getting so old that she can remember camping and enjoys it too! I do not think that she love the dirt and I am OK with that, she used almost a whole package of wet ones while we were up camping for for 4 days.
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Finally a tooth is out!!

Sage is 7 years old and she tells me that everyone in her class at school has a tooth out but her. On June 30 her Dad got a hold of a very loose tooth and pulled it out. She told me that it did not hurt her very bad, but she was nervous about getting it pulled out.
This is her telling us what tooth was pulled (it is the only hole in her mouth, so it was funny that she had to point to it)
Just so that you can get a good look at the hole she opened her mouth. She received $2 for the tooth, man the tooth fairy gives out big buck on our first tooth!! I think that the rest of her teeth will be easier to pull out now that she know what to expect!!!
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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bearly recognize......

This is the bear from student council stuffed animal drive. It was a young person dressed up and having to much fun. Sadi loved him. She would give him high fives and then the bear would quickly place his paw in his mouth to resemble his hand hurting from the high five.
This is the bear dancing and pushing Sadi on the head to move out of his way.
This is Shawn a kid in Jake's class that came to the office to hand in his attendance and the bear decided it was a great idea to place the child's head into his mouth. The bear had to dress up for a week and started to have some followers there when he arrived at school. It was funny, I was in the lobby and a mother told me that her preschooler made her come to school in the evening to see if the bear was still there to play with him. The bear was awesome, he played it up and had tons of fun in the costume.

Yep, you guessed it the bear was Jake, he had so much fun . I was so proud of him, he stepped up to the challenge of being a bear when so many kids just would of sat back and did not help out at all.
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Sadi love soccer!!

This is Sadi first year to play a sport! She is just barely old enough to play, but is sure is tall enough so that people often think that she is one of the older player. This is a picture of her just about to go to her first practice. She was so excited that we got ready quite early and then just sat around the house until it was finally time to go!!

This is her first game and it was freezing!! We had to put her jersey on top of her jacket and sweat pants under her shorts!

This is her waiting patiently in line for her turn to practice kicking the ball into the goal! She got to play with her friend Izabel (in front of her) and Noah (behind her in a ball).
Here she goes on a kick off, see that oh so powerful leg that is not in focus, it was quite a kick!
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Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter on the it was too cold

The Peacock family has a tradition of rolling Easter eggs on the Desert. This year it was snowing and we decided to have Easter Saturday in a school gym. It was fun, my kids loved it. We did miss all the hiking of the desert but having all your cousins to play with was great. This is Sage and Quin rolling on some carts.
Jake and a lot of the guys decided to play some basketball. As you can see in the back ground Scot is cherry picking;) .
These carts were great entertainment for all the kids!
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Easter 2009

This year we went to Orangeville for Easter. We colored our eggs at Aunt Jan's home. It is always fun to color eggs with other cousins. This is Jake and Sage in the middle of coloring eggs
This is Sadi, as you can see she really got into coloring the eggs, and no I did not change the coloring of this picture!
Sadi posing with her eggs.
The morning of Easter with one of our Favorite Cousins JD
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At last it is baseball season again. We have decided to move Jake to our city league, Herriman.
Jake is again the catcher, and he is good at it.
Just another fun picture of Jake in his opening game of the season!
Did I tell you how handsome he is!
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Sunday, March 29, 2009

St George

After Zions we went to St George and stayed for a couple of days. We swam at the pool and boy do we like to swim!! This is Scot and the girls in the sun.
Jake, and his dorky hair. Apparently this hair did not like the swimming pool. He is going to be embrassed that I post this but hey it is Jake in the pool having some fun!!
Sage is getting to be such a great swimmer. She learned how to float on her back in just a couple of minutes. This is her doing the back float!!
Sadi decided that to get her face dunked was great fun. She did not even have to plug her nose. She keeped asking daddy to dunk her and this was the after picture of her coming up for air. She is not afraid of the water any more!!
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