Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ribs, I never know that they could cause so much pain. You do not even notice that they are there until you cough hard enough to break one and then you notice them. I broke a rib when I was pregnant with Sage but I was 8 months along, coughed and hard a pop that time. Five years later there was not a pop but a horrible Flu and well I was lucky to have my family near to help me out. Moms, there is no one word to describe my mom. She extended her vacation here in Utah to come and help me stay afloat at my home. I felt bad that she would come and do all the dirty cleaning and I would just watch her do it. THANKS MOM!! I could not of done it without you, I love you!! She even had my kids help her make some dinner and dessert. As you can see I have a fabulous family that took care of me!! We even got to have our violin lesson over at our house. Thanks Wephie for taking Jake to school and coming to sit with me!!

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