Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Colors colors which egg should be which color?

We had just arrived home from Disneyland and the thought was to get home and jump in the car and head down to Orangeville for Easter like we have done since we have been married. Well all things are allowed to change especially if it is your 2 year screaming that she wants to go home from the airport all the way home and then when she step into our home she did the we are finally home dance. We thought hard about just going the next morning early but it was in our best interest to just stay at home and enjoy being at home. We did go to the Herriman egg hunt on Saturday morning. We had heard it starts on time and not to be late or there are no eggs left. But when we got there 5 minutes early they were just turning on the microphone and the kids thought that the noise was the start signal and off went the kids, but not mine we were not close enough to the fields. Within seconds all the filled eggs and candy were gone and our basket were still very bare. We decided to go home and color our eggs, which took forever because we are so crafty and had to dip each egg into every color. Sadi decided to take the quick route and just dip her fingers in the dye also. She did not change color either she just stuck with green. That evening we were still pooped and went to bed hoping that the bunny would find us in our home and not in Orangeville. We were very pleased when we woke up the next morning and he had delivered it to the correct address. Candy Candy Candy was the theme of our Easter baskets. We got some books and swimming goggles too!! We had a great Easter and we are glad to be back at home!!


Anonymous said...

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Steph said...

Yeah for some new posts!
Don't click on that "dumuro" comment by the way, it is something bad.
I love the whispering pictures and the Disneyland ones too. It looks like you had a lot of fun.
Is the screamer the ride where they have throw up shields??