Friday, September 19, 2008

Sadi Lady

Our Sadi love to dress up and sing her little heart out while her brother and sister are at school and this time I capture her alone on camera. She truly is the queen of the home when her siblings are not home, but missing them greatly. She is a single child for 8 hours a day and plays it up as best she can. We go and get treats and drinks all the time at the gas station. I tell her that we need to not tell Sage and Jake that we are getting treats and everyday that we do, she sees the kids and lets them know of the what we did during the day. FYI do not let Sadi in on any secrets.....We love our little Queen!!!
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Sharon said...

I want prints of these pictures!! She is a beautiful princess!
I love your blog...the fair and berry picking look like great fun.
Love you all...Aunt Sharon

Steph said...

Cute pictures!
Sadi is such a cute girl and so much fun to be around. She is always entertaining.
We love her too!

Kyle & Tarah Peacock said...

too cute! love the pictures.