Monday, December 1, 2008

Utah vs BYU

We are a split family when it comes to the BYU or Utah.
Both Scot and myself graduated from Utah but he always grew up loving BYU,
and wanted to attend there after going to Ricks. So needless to say on the game day,
I dress everone in the family who will let me still dress them of the WINNING team, and the rest are on their own.
This year Sage and Jake really wanted to go to school the friday before the game where their colors.
Scot and I had to have a talk to make sure that if they were sent home because of their crazy hair that we would be OK with the out come of the principle maybe calling us and kicking them out.
It never did come to that, they stayed the whole day at school and a lot of the kids wanted or wished that they would of dress up for the football game also.
Sadi in here winning colors and looking like a cool chick.
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