Monday, February 16, 2009

Sadi"s Valentine Party

Since discussing with Sadi that my birthday was soon she told me that she needed her birthday before mine. I told her that hers was not until June and then we will have a big birthday party for her. She told me "that not fair." So I decided to have a Valentines party for her. She invited 8 kids and we played games and handed out Valentines!

This is her getting a special delivery Valentine from her friend Izabel.

We played a parachute game between the boys and girls and the girls won, but you can see that Sadi preferred to close her eyes when the parachute went up.

We also played musical hearts. We had tons of fun! Thanks everyone for coming!
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Sharon said...

'Bout time!! Cute pictures

Hanson's said...

Cute pictures. Izabel had tons of fun!