Saturday, July 11, 2009

4th of july camping part 2

Sage by the camp fire snuggling with Dad so that she can get warm!!
Jake trying to get warm, but it is not to convincing in this picture!
Aunt Sharon holding Sadi at the camp fire. Sadi loved it!!
These two were the winners of the dirty kids!! Quin and Sadi playing in the dirt on the last day of camping. I am still washing the out her clothes, I am tempted to just toss them!
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Steph said...

Looks like fun!
Does it get really cold at night there? It looks cold!

Did you shoot any rodents? Or did they all get away?

jenn said...

It does get cold there if you are in a tent I think!! We had tons of blanket though. Heaven yes we did get some rodents, but I have to admit some rodents got away!!

Sharon said...

YAY!! New pictures. How I love those camping kids!

John and Charese said...

Love camping...haven't gone yet..but now I really want to!

Sabby said...

Fun, I love summer and camping! Your kids are looking so grown up, and cute as always!

Sharon said...

OK, it is August 18....time for new pics!!

Sharon said...

OK, it's coming up on Labor Day. Two months since the 4th of July! New PICTURES! (please)

Gregory said...

Hello Peacock Family! It's nice to see how grown up the kids are now. We hope to see you when we visit Herriman again.

Papa & Nana in Denver