Sunday, July 13, 2008

I have flowers growing in my stomach?

The conversation went like this..
Sage: Hey mom I have flowers growing in my stomach.
Mom: Did you just say flowers like the ones we have outside?
Sage: Yes mom I have flowers growing in my stomach, remember you told me that I like to eat dirt when I was a baby and now I have been eating sunflower seeds at the baseball games, and I just drank water this morning and I have been in the sun this afternoon. This is what you told me that a flower need to grow right mom.
Mom: I guess that you have flowers growing in your stomach.

I can not believe that this is what she thinks, I was not sure if I should tell her that the dirt that she ate as a young baby was gone now. I think that is a conversation that I can have with her when I have a lot more time on my hands!!

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Steph said...

Funny story. :)
I'm glad you updated your blog!
Maya could surely grow a forest with all of the dirt she has been eating.