Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lose...Lose...that all the girls wanted....

Jake baseball has finally ended with help from the girls pleading for him to lose. Sage and Sadi have had enough baseball in there lifes then I have in my 3 centuries that I have lived....thanks mom for not having any boys! Jake baseball season started out in April and just ended on the middle of July. He played for the Dodgers again a minor league team which took first place. From there he was selected to play on the all-star team for Riverton. We took 3rd place in one tournament and then when we went to the all-star tournament we took 3rd again which lead us to the state tournament. There we lost 2 games back to back and we were finally done. He is an excellent player. He played catcher for all of the above teams. The girls are just glad that we are done with baseball for now.

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