Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Houston the Peacocks have landed

We had a great opportunity to fly to Houston this weekend to visit with my parents. We had to go the long way for the free plane ride but we did not complain. We had to fly from Salt Lake City to New York to Houston. After traveling over 19 states and 1 country (Jake counted on the route map that you can watch while you fly) we landed in Houston. After fixing a fence for my parents we got to go and play. We went to the space station and loved it.
This is inside one of the pretend modules!

Jake, Sage, and Sadi by the big rocket. One funny thing that happened while still touring, Grandma purchase my children Allien soda cups to drink out of, and while a speakers was telling us about different missions Sadi oh so loudly commented on how the Allien had Boobs. So just to let you know Allien are girls.

My family in front of the space station. We were able to view mission comtrol for the Apollo Missions. We got to see real rocket boosters, and Mock-ups of the space shuttle and the international space station. We had tons of fun thank for taking us there Mom!!
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ClistyB said...

oh Jenn, I got such a kick out of you all flying clear to New York and then down to Houston! You really could only do that with Jet Blue and their great tv's ! Looks like it was a fun trip :)
Im having a great time reading all your posts. Hope thats ok.