Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bearly recognize......

This is the bear from student council stuffed animal drive. It was a young person dressed up and having to much fun. Sadi loved him. She would give him high fives and then the bear would quickly place his paw in his mouth to resemble his hand hurting from the high five.
This is the bear dancing and pushing Sadi on the head to move out of his way.
This is Shawn a kid in Jake's class that came to the office to hand in his attendance and the bear decided it was a great idea to place the child's head into his mouth. The bear had to dress up for a week and started to have some followers there when he arrived at school. It was funny, I was in the lobby and a mother told me that her preschooler made her come to school in the evening to see if the bear was still there to play with him. The bear was awesome, he played it up and had tons of fun in the costume.

Yep, you guessed it the bear was Jake, he had so much fun . I was so proud of him, he stepped up to the challenge of being a bear when so many kids just would of sat back and did not help out at all.
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Sharon said...

wow! Way to go Jake. Could be a career for you when the Jazz Bear retires. you looked great

Tarah said...

That is so cute! How fun.

John and Charese said...

How fun! What a cute boy!

Sharon said...

'Bout time for some new pictures!!

Sharon said... we not have some camping pictures?!!

Sharon said... we not have some camping pictures?!!