Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sadi love soccer!!

This is Sadi first year to play a sport! She is just barely old enough to play, but is sure is tall enough so that people often think that she is one of the older player. This is a picture of her just about to go to her first practice. She was so excited that we got ready quite early and then just sat around the house until it was finally time to go!!

This is her first game and it was freezing!! We had to put her jersey on top of her jacket and sweat pants under her shorts!

This is her waiting patiently in line for her turn to practice kicking the ball into the goal! She got to play with her friend Izabel (in front of her) and Noah (behind her in a ball).
Here she goes on a kick off, see that oh so powerful leg that is not in focus, it was quite a kick!
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Sharon said...

cutest soccer player ever! Even in the cold. Way to go Sadi!