Tuesday, September 22, 2009

crazy hair day

Today was CRAZY hair day!!! We had to start this CRAZY process at 6am sharp so that we could look CRAZY before mom had to leave for work!! (I have an upgrade at work this week and next so my parents are taking the kids to school and watching Sadi during the day. Thanks again Mom and Dad!!)

This is Jake pre-hat, it was also CRAZY hat day and CRAZY sock day to. We did wear mismatched socks too but they were not as fun to take pictures of. We had to put elastics in his hair and thank goodness he is not a girl because he almost cried while I did his hair. It was fun and exciting to have him feel what a girl goes through everyday to look cute!

This is both of the kids with their CRAZY hair. I think that we had the CRAZIEST hair in school!

For Sage hair poor girl we had to wake her up at 6am to start the process and it took almost an hour of putting pipe cleaners in her hair and braiding it. Then I had to leave and Grandma and Grandpa put the color in the kids hair. They went wild with the colors using all three colors in their hair Red, Green, and Orange. Jake is colorblind and keep asking Grandma to put more in his hair until she told him it was plenty.

Sage not only wanted her hair to stand up with wire she also thought that it would be funny to place a mouse inside the cage. (On the top of her head) Grandma and Sage looked everywhere and could not find a mouse so she had to just have CRAZY hair.

When the school day was over I had them come home and jump in the shower as to not get the color over our entire home. First we had to take out the wires and elastic which took one hour, holy moly way to long to get one child's hair undone so that she could hop in the shower. Sage went first into the shower and yelled help and so in I came to see colors all over the shower and her hair still also full of color. After the THIRD time of mom shampooing it we were finally able to condition and hop out of the shower. Knowing how hard it was to get out of Sage hair, I made Jake come to the kitchen to help him start the shampooing process. I did it twice in the kitchen and he did it the third time in the shower. We had a fun day though!!!
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Sharon said...

WOW!! A new post! And of course, these kids had to be the craziest! So cute, though. Love you guys.