Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Post Post....that is what I have not done is quite a longgggg time. It just seems like my days go to fast and the time gets away from me. I need to stop and smell the roses....but do not forget I have kids and they need me to drive them to their activities and school and scouts and baseball and softball and activity days......so there is my excuse. My sister is now starting to blog again and she is doing it for those of us who live in Utah and she is in Washington. So this is also to help my far away family to see what my family is up to!! To start my week off we had an ortho appt for Jake, when I first arrived there with no make-up on and my hair a mess thinking I would not see anyone at the ortho appt that I knew...there was my husbands cousin and she was put together so well. Not even one hair out of place. I love those days when I look great but they are far and few between. We all have our moments and that was not a pretty picture. For my defense I just had a chemical peel done and my face looked smooth and nice, but still no make-up on and hair a mess. Next time I will look GREAT! But that is beside the point, Jake gets to have his braces off next appointment. yipee! One child done with braces. He is so excited that his dipples did not go away for several days. It went by so fast, and I know that because I had my on for 5 and 1/2 years. It did not help that we moved to a different state in the middle of having my braces and it did not help that we did not get to the appointments like we were suppose too. Oh well, I am just glad that Jake is getting them off. Sage and Sadi are still off track and keeping me company at Barbara home. We went and saw HOP today and LOVED it. We recommend it to everyone.

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Steph said...

Hooray for a blog entry! :)
That is exciting that Jake is getting his braces off, it did go by fast! You need to take pictures when he gets them off.
We saw Hop too and didn't like it. It wasn't terrible like "Up," but it wasn't great. I would only recommend renting it. Zach and Maya liked it okay.
Glad you started up again!