Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tender little ears with a great big heart!!

Jake had a baseball game tonight and they lost by one point. It was hard to lose because we were victorious on the last game by one point!! When you are on the losing side it hits you hard, even more so when you think it is your fault. As a mom I yell from the bleachers and I yell loud, I have got some good lungs on me. I always think that Jake can not hear me because he has his catchers helmet on. I see where I think that he can do it all by himself and I do not understand the rules of the game. So I yelled to run the ball across the plate and tag the player by himself instead of the pitcher coming in ever so slowly like they have been to assist Jake when the ball is fouled and the player on third base is sneaking home. Jake heard ever word that I yelled and came up to Scot after the game was finished and told him that it was all his fault. Scot look down and could see him start to cry and asked Jake what he was taking about. Jake so sadly stated "I should of gotten the players out when mom yell to get them out. It was all my fault." Scot pulled him aside and told that Mom was just yelling, that she did not know what she is talking about. The rules tell you to throw it to the pitcher who should be coming in to assist you during a foul in the game. Scot told him how great he played and that them losing had nothing to do with Jake way of playing the ball. He throw excellently and caught great, and most proudly he had one of the best hit of the game. It flew over second base and he brought three player home and also he stoled second, third and proudly home. I just need to remember and know that Jake little ears are so tender and he hears me when I am anxiously yelling things that do not always make sense. He looks up to me and wants to always do his best for my sake. I can not tell you of what a great kid I have. I could of not asked for a betters first child, son, and someone that our daughters look up to. He sets such a great example for not only his sisters, but for me and his Dad. He is intelligent, has great common sense and he is a handsome guys who is already stealing young girls hearts. He smiles and I just melt as a mother. Jake I love you and am so proud of all your accomplishments. I could not of ask for anything better for my first child, you have paved a path for your sibling to follow and it is a great path, I am just proud to be your mother.


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