Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sad days for mom...Happy for Sage

Today was kindergarten orientation, which means my little Sage is growing up. I had to hold back the tears because all she could do was be excited that she will get to go to school and bring home homework like Jake. She had picked out her outfit days ago and then woke up early to ask me "When is it time for me to go to school Mom?" To which I replied "after Lunch."....Then we ate breakfast and the same question came, "When am I going to go to school", to which I replied "after lunch." And can you believe it came up again, not just once every time she had to chance to think for a couple of minutes "When am I going to school Mom?" to which I replied "Never because you are my little girl and I can teach you everything, you do not want to go to school because I will not have any fun without you at home and Sadi will miss you also". "But Mom she replied I am growing up and I need to go and have fun at school, and be like Jake and have homework. You can play with Sadi all day long." Oh how I miss her already and school has not started. The years flew by to quickly and I can not believe that my Sage is in kindergarten. I know to many people, who want their children to go to school so that they can have peace at home, and I do not want my children to go. I love them so much when they are around, I wish that I could have them near me 24/7 so that I do not miss anything that they do, and guard them from the nasty people out there in the world. I know it is best that she goes to kindergarten but I will truly miss the talks that we have every second of the day, and I mean that every second of the day there is a great story that she is telling me. Or she is telling me everything that she has done wrong or right she lets me know it. It will be quiet at my home until Sadi figure out how to put full sentence together. I Love You Sage!!

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Steph said...

For goodness sakes do you always have to make me cry when I read your blog??

I don't think Sadi will know what to do with herself! It is going to be a whole different house without Sage there!