Sunday, April 29, 2007

There all mine for eternity

What do you say to brides that stop to tell you how beautiful your children are? They should be paying attention to their photographers but instead here come my children and they look just beautiful. We were not only stopped my brides but everyone who we walked by commented on my children. Of course Scot and I were just beaming!! We know that our children are beautiful but it never hurt to hear it from strangers. The Wedding itself was just a great reminder of us being sealed for time and all eternity. I think that Scot and I took more from the ceremony then the Bride and Groom did. It was just exciting day for the Peacock children to see in the spring the Temple that their parents were sealed at. Sage kept telling me that she is excited to dress up like a Princess one day and come to the temple to get married. She keep asking Jake if he would play "be married at the temple with her." Oh course Jake reply was typical for a 8 year old "Yuck Sage you do not play married with your sister." I would not change one thing with my perfect little angels!! Many people joke about "hey do you want my kids, I don't." I will never say that, I would not give them to you for all the money or materials in the world, they are mine for eternity and I could never be more proud.
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