Monday, November 17, 2008

Boo did we scare you?

Sadi and Madi, cousins just having a ton of fun. I think the conversation went like this
Madi; Mom can I paint your face with the Halloween make-up?
Jess; Sure lets call Aunt Jenn and see if Sadi wants to play too!!
Jenn; Sure Sadi would love to play come to my house and let them play!
Sadi; Mom, Madi brought some Halloween make-up can I put some on?
Jenn; Yes but just a little bite!!

I do not think this is a little bite! Jess and I heard them just giggling in the bathroom and when they came out they looked like this and can I tell you that my bathroom did not look this good. We took some fun pictures and then threw them in the tub, and then they giggles at how black the water was when they got out. I should of taken a picture of my tub and the black rings that they left in it.
It was to much fun to stop and took forever to clean up, aren't memories made this way?
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