Friday, October 24, 2008

Just the right size of Pumpkins

We love to go and pick out our pumpkins from the pumpkin You pick patch. This year it was extremely warm and the Pumpkins were perfect. There were so many of them we had a hard time picking out just the right pumpkin. This is Sadi go crazy over all the pumpkins.
Sage wanted a perfectly round pumpkin and would like it to be bigger then Jakes!! I think she found it and sat there scoping out other just in case it was not the right one.
Sadi on the other hand remembered the wheel barrow from last year and had Daddy drive her around until she saw a good one and then she would point to it. Scot would pick it up and put it into it next to her and take out the one she did not want. She has Daddy wrapped around her little finger!!
Jake ran around the whole field until he came upon the Great pumpkin and then he started to make a perfect pile and then pick from there. Jake and Sage in the end had about the same size of pumpkin and Sadi was the winner of the large pumpkin. We can not wait to carve them.
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Sharon said...

Great fun!! Looking forward to playing with you all on Sunday.

The Peacock's said...

That looks like a lot of fun, we can't wait until we take Sawyer next year. We might have to go with you guys-those look like great pumpkins.