Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sadi Bestest Friends!!

I just thought that it would be fun to take some picture of some of
Sadi friends. Too Sadi if you ask her about her friends she tell you, She/he is my bestest friend mom, I love he/Her!! This is Madi our cousin and Izabel our friend from down the street. They come over to play dress ups and we painted their nails too! I had fun with the playtime too!
Madi, Sadi, and Izabel with smilies!!

This is Noah, he is our friend from across the street. He come over tons and plays so nicely with Sadi. For a while they could not agree with what to play. Noah wanted to play pirates and Sadi wanted to play house. Now they agree to not agree and play Pirate house. It works great!!

I take alot of picture of these too, and most of the time with is how Noah feels about playing house and getting his picture taken. A typical boy whom did not get his pirate way today.
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ClistyB said...

this is so funny to see Izabel and Noah and Sadi all grown up.