Sunday, March 29, 2009

St Patricks Day!!

I take advantage of every hoilday that I get with my kids. I am not sure if you all know that but if you have a clean house on St Patty's day the Leprechauns come in and mess everything up. This year the house was clean but I had to work late Monday into Tuesday night and the
Leprechauns did not mess our house up to bad. I think that I must of keep them away since they heard my voice taking on the phone most of the night. They did take all of the lose pillows off of the beds and coaches and place them into a pathway through out the house and put Rolos on them.

They not only did the upstairs pillows they did the downstairs pillows.

They also put our chairs the opposite direction of the table. Next year I vow to make sure that our house is a mess so that those pesky little Leprechauns
will stay away!!
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