Sunday, March 29, 2009

St George

After Zions we went to St George and stayed for a couple of days. We swam at the pool and boy do we like to swim!! This is Scot and the girls in the sun.
Jake, and his dorky hair. Apparently this hair did not like the swimming pool. He is going to be embrassed that I post this but hey it is Jake in the pool having some fun!!
Sage is getting to be such a great swimmer. She learned how to float on her back in just a couple of minutes. This is her doing the back float!!
Sadi decided that to get her face dunked was great fun. She did not even have to plug her nose. She keeped asking daddy to dunk her and this was the after picture of her coming up for air. She is not afraid of the water any more!!
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Sharon said...

OK!! Your pictures are great, and the trip looks very fun. Can't wait to play with the kids at Easter!