Saturday, September 26, 2009


This year Jake is playing football again and we decided to support him by having the girls wear his old jerseys. When he first saw the girls he was unsure if it was a cool thing, but then he saw other kids wearing their brothers jersey and I think that he is ok with it now. This is Sage and Sadi proudly wearing his jerseys and then we painted an R on their cheeks and #46 for Jake number this year!
Jake before the game. He was smiling proudly and I told him to look tough and this is his tough look!
Jake is in the middle of the screen #46 going to help tackle the kid with the ball.
Jake made an excellent tackle, he tackled one of the Bingham kids, and that is real cool if you are from Riverton!! This is a picture of him making that tackle. This game they won 34-0. Go Riverton!!!
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