Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Swimming with the Alligator?

While in Houston my Dad took us out on the boat, He just had his Knee replaced 10 days earlier so he was being a trooper for hopping in his huge boat.

This is the boat Wow is what I have to say. My kids have to take a picture for reflections of a Wow and this is Jake picture that he took. So to say my father had to hop in the boat we not true he had to climb a ladder to enter into the boat.
We were pulled by his boat in a tube and that was really fun. My kids could would of stayed there all 4 days if we would of let them.
Sadi thinks that she needs to lift up her arms like she was on a roller coaster "like the big kids" is what she keeps telling me. She also did this on the airplane during landing and take off. After we got off the boat my mother decided to inform the kids that they were swimming with Alligators. I am glad that she told me after we got out or the kids and I would of never gotten in to the water. She told me that they stay on the swamp side of the lake and that she has never seen them but has only heard about them being there and it has not stop her from going in.
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Kelly said...

Way to go Grandma!! Looks like your folks had just as much fun as your kids!! Love James, Kelly & J.D.