Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dallas Cowboys fans!!

I know that my husband was in Heaven when he met me, I thought that I was the only thing that he could get getty over, but I have been proven wrong. Scot and I had the opportunity to go to the game with our only son Jake and boy oh boy was Scot and Jake in heaven. I thought that Christmas had come in the summer. Scot was so excited to go and see his team play. We got to the stadium parking area 3 hours early thank goodness because it took us that long to get to the pay parking lot. Really I have never since such horrible parking in my life and it cost us $30 to just park a half mile away. After we parked we had 20 minute to enter into the stadium and get a seat. Scot has never walked so dang fast. Jake and I were having problem just keeping. Thank goodness my girls did not come. We made it there just in time for kick off and the heat.

This is the boys getting their gift from the last year of the Texas Stadium.

If you enlarge this picture you can see the boys are miserable from the heat but nothing will let there happiness fade for they are at a real FOOTBALL GAME!!
I decided to go down to the front of the stadium and be a mom and take pictures of how close were were from the front. We truly had excellent seats but it was so so hot I have never been that hot before in my life. Did I mention that it was hot. We had fun and next time we go according to Jake it is his turn and see his team the New England Patriots!!
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Sharon said...

Your Cowboys need some help! Pictures are cute. Kids were brave to ride behind the boat with the alligators! Come and visit me!