Sunday, March 11, 2007

A bookmark fit for a Giant!

I remember when doing book report that you would read and book and then do the report about the book, just on a regular 8x10 paper. Well just to let you know now a days you do not do just a book report. Jake has now done a shadow box, a advent boxes, and then today the dreaded book mark. I am not sure exactly how to get enough information about the book that was read, into the size of a book mark, so we just super sized the book mark.
It is now the biggest book mark I have ever seen. Jake folded a 12x12 paper in half and VOILA it is now a book mark. Holy cow it is a book mark for a giants books. He also gets to dress up like the person that the book was about. It is baseball season and who other to do a book report on then the BABE. He is excited to be take his bat, gloves and also his catcher mask to switch between them and tell his class mates all about BABE

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