Monday, March 19, 2007

Tears or Fears

I was not sure what to think when the friend, (who you think is a friend,) tells you that he will treat your son as if he was his own, and will make sure that he gets on the same baseball team with him and then he does not succeed. Last night March 10, we got a call from our friend who told us the bad news and then proceed to let us know that he took the roster over the coach that picked him up and told the coach to pick anyone from the team so that he could have Jake and the other coach told him no. I as a mother thought the ball is in my court and I can ok the trade or even deny the trade. But when I talked with my 8 year old son Jake, the ball had left my court and was in his court only and he wanted to play with friends. He loves baseball and he is good, but when it comes to the choice of playing with friends who play ball or meeting new friends and playing ball with a good team, his friends win. I am not sure if he was just fearing to make new friends which he is well liked, and making new friends comes easily or if he just wanted to stick with his comfort zone. The coach who originally picked him was on the winning end of the teams, he placed first last year and has been watching Jake for the last 2 years waiting to pick him up. Jake and Scot had even decided to play horrible during tryout and still the coach was watching and knew that we had Jake mess up the tryouts to get on a friends team. Jake was so sad that I had to told him that the other coach had picked him up.....He would rather lose and have fun with his friends, then win and not have his good friends play with him at all!!!

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Steph said...

I hope that they are good to him on this team or I will be ticked. It is good that you let him play with his friends though, that is what he will remember, not that he was on the winning team.