Saturday, March 10, 2007

Nail Biting times!!

I alway knew that my mother was nervous when we tried out for everything. I knew that she just wanted the best for us in all that we did and are still doing. But never in my wildest dream did I know that axienty would play such a huge roll. Jake is 8 years old and we have decided to play him up to miner is baseball this year. You are not suppose to be in miners until you are 9. He missed the cut off date just barely, and Scot decided that it was be alot more fun if he could keep playing with his friends that he goes to school with. So yesterday we went to purchase him a catchers glove and a new catchers helmet and then axienty kick in. What happens if they play him in the field and what happens if they do not play him at all!! This is all just speculation. He is such a excellent player, and that is not just my thinking!! I have heard this from alot of our friend and family too! I sure he would be fine but man oh man is my stomach turning and it is not even try outs yet. I just hope that he gets a coach that know what a great player he is.

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