Friday, March 9, 2007

C-T-Right not the Left!!

While getting Sage dressed one morning she was commenting on a lesson that she had been given in church. "Mom I like to Choose the Right it make me happy." said Sage. Being the proud mother that I am I commented "Sage I am so glad that you love to choose the right that makes me happy." Sage talk a little longer on how she love to choose the right and how it made Jesus and Heavenly Father happy. Then came the burst to my good mommy teaching the right things bubble. Sage stated "I am glad that I choose the right mom because a lot of my friend choose the left. (and while raising her left hand) Aspen and Becca (Sage friends) like to choose the left mom and I do not know why because you are suppose to choose the right! Needless to say Sage and Mom had a good conversation the rest of the day on how to Choose the Right and not the WRONG!!

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