Monday, March 19, 2007

A piece of Heaven

I just know and for goodness sakes, have always known that a little piece of Heaven is in my presents. Today when I was in Primary sitting with my class it was singing time and we were about to start a song "I am trying to be like Jesus". This is a pretty song and all, but when some beautiful blue eyes started looking at me I could see my Sage excited about the song that we were about to sing. See Aunt Wephie (or some of you know her by Stephanie) taught us how to sign the chorus of this song. You could see the the excitement start to crawl into her fingers as she got them ready for the first word to sign which was Love. That is when it hit me for the trillionth time in my life of what a precious child that I have been given to watch over and take care of. I could not believe that I was crying over such a funny little thing such as signing a song, but sometimes my emotions just get so full that just the little things hit me and the tears come to the surface. I watched her with tears in my eyes as she signed the song. Then my Sage proceed to give me a thumbs up to let me know that she got through the song signing it. Thanks Aunt Wephie for teaching us how to sign!!

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Steph said...

That made me cry. I'm glad you aren't in our ward because then I would have cried for sure! Have you tried to get the singing leader to do the sign yet??
When is Sage's next talk so she can use that signing talk book?