Thursday, March 29, 2007

Whos going to do it?

I am in the middle of working up stair right now, doing some overtime, and all I can hear downstairs in arguing. As I listen a little closer to what the yelling is about all I can hear is my two oldest yell "No it is not my turn" and the other yelling back "I am not going to do it." They are just not talking, they are the point the neighbor can hear our conversation, and then Jake yelled "I am not going to whip it" and Sage yells back "Those are huge burgers I am not whipping it either." The yelling continued on for another minute until Jake whipped it and apparently did not get all the snot and Sage had to clean up the rest of Sadi's face. I am so glad that we have Sadi so that Jake and Sage will have thing to argue about!!

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